WS4 Conference and Awards 2018, London

WS4 World Conference & Awards 2018
" There's nowhere else like LONDON.
Nothing at all, Anywhere."
A World Forum to Meet, Connect and Interact
" There's nowhere else like LONDON.
Nothing at all, Anywhere."
6 Conference Tracks | 18 Awards Categories
" There's nowhere else like LONDON.
Nothing at all, Anywhere."
A New Beginning and Initative with WorldS4
" There's nowhere else like LONDON.
Nothing at all, Anywhere."
26 - 27 October, 2018 - A Global Networking Event
" There's nowhere else like LONDON.
Nothing at all, Anywhere."

WorldS4 2018 Conference and Awards Schedule


Sustainability transitions are transformations of major socio-technical systems of provision and use in areas such as energy, water, mobility, and food, towards more sustainable ways of production and consumption. This is a multi-disciplinary field with inputs from economics, science and technology studies, engineering, computer science, geography, political science, management, sociology and history. Along with the Sustainability, Systems and Security has become an integral part of the Infrastructure and Economy of the countries.

Today's society is different to the one that existed not so many years ago. Our society is constantly changing. The most important characteristics of our era may be the transformation, transmission and dominion of information. We live in an information society where the leading role has been given to new technologies, especially those devoted to information. Our society could not be imagined without new technologies and their role both in this society and in human life in general.

Modern technology has revolutionized people’s communication. Now a days technologies are getting more advance, and wireless internet has taken place now, with the help of that people can communicate easily all around the world. Technology is building bridges between people on opposite sides of the globe, bringing people from all cultures and backgrounds into contact with each other. ICT can prove to be bench mark technological interface for Sustainable Development.


This world conference will provide the participants with opportunities to discuss and explore areas related to the Theory, Development, Applications, Experiences and Evaluation of Interaction Sciences with fellow students, researchers and practitioners. Conference may concern any topic within the conference scope. Workshops may be related to any topics within the conference scope. The conference is devoted to increase the understanding role of technology issues, how engineering has taken an evolvement to prepare human friendly technology day by day. The conference will provide a platform for bringing forth significant research and literature across the field of Security, Systems and Sustainability and provide an overview of the technologies waiting unveiling. This interaction will be the focal point for leading experts to share their insights, provide guidance and address participant’s questions and concerns.

Conference Tracks

  • Track 1 : Smart IT Infrastructure for Sustainable Society
  • Track 2 : Smart Management prospective for Sustainable Society
  • Track 3 : Smart Secure Systems for Next Generation Technologies

  • Special Track : Smart Trends for Computational Graphics and Image Modeling
  • Special Track : Smart Trends for Biomedical and Health Informatics

  • Apart from these general and preliminary tracks some special Tracks are available


World Conference on Smart Trends in Systems, Security and Sustainability (WS4 2018)

in concurrent with

World Eminence Awards for Systems, Security and Sustainability

will going to be held in London, UK during 26 - 27 October, 2018. It will target to state-of-the-art as well as emerging topics pertaining to Security, Systems and Sustainability and effective strategies for its implementation for Engineering and Managerial Applications. The objective of this International conference is to provide an opportunity for the Researchers, Academicians, Industry persons and students to interact and exchange ideas, experience and expertise in the current trend and strategies for Information and Communication Technologies. Besides this, participants will also be enlightened about vast avenues, current and emerging technological developments in the field of ICT in this era and its applications will be thoroughly explored and discussed.


The conference is anticipated to attract a large number of high quality submissions and stimulate the cutting-edge research discussions among many academic pioneering researchers, scientists, industrial engineers, students from all around the world and provide a forum to researcher.

Propose new technologies, share their experiences and discuss future solutions for design infrastructure.

Provide common platform for academic pioneering researchers, scientists, engineers and students to share their views and achievements.

Enrich technocrats and academicians by presenting their innovative and constructive ideas.

Focus on innovative issues at international level by bringing together the experts from different countries.

The preparations for Rio+20, UN Nations Conference on Sustainable Development 2015 have highlighted seven areas which need priority attention; these include decent jobs, energy, sustainable cities, food security and sustainable agriculture, water, oceans and disaster readiness apart from technical aspects.




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